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Diversity & International Strategic Leadership Forum


The 2020 Strategic Leadership Forum – Inclusive Support for International Students – will take place March 14 & 15, 2020 in New Orleans.

In the spring 2020 Diversity Abroad will bring together institutional leaders from across the nation to explore how Chief Diversity Officers, Senior International Officers and other diversity and international education leaders can strategically collaborate to provide inclusive support for inbound international students. As diversity, equity and inclusion increasingly play a critical role in higher education, diversity and international education leaders must work to ensure both exchange and full degree international students are prepared to navigate the diversity & inclusion landscape as well as be supported as they explore their own intersectional identities, including that of being an international student.

Too often the SIOs, CDOs and other diversity and international education leaders work in silos without taking advantage of the shared goals and opportunities for collaboration that can enhance the support for and improve the success of international students. Participants of the forum will learn from inspirational speakers and panelists about the challenges and successes faced through their work to bring this important topic to light, and the lasting impacts made through their collaborative efforts. They will also have the opportunity to engage with fellow senior leaders/colleagues and ultimately walk away with a blueprint for meaningful collaboration to implement on their campus. A publication from the forum featuring the work of the group will follow.


12:00 - 5:00pmRegistration Open
4:00 - 8:30pmWelcome Dinner

7:00am–5:30pmRegistration Open
7:30am-12:45pmStrategic Leadership Forum - Inclusive Support for International Students


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