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Lagniappe Chats

Lagniappe Chats

Pronounced as a French word, lagniappe (lan-yap) is a Cajun-French inspired noun that means “a little extra.” Often used to describe something good, this word is the NOLA-call for receiving anything extra, or better yet, receiving something for free.

The Lagniappe Chats are an opportunity to network with colleagues who have similar interests and want to connect throughout the conference to discuss sessions, events, and salient topics during the daily Check-ins The check-in discussions will be led by a facilitator to help foster engaging dialogue in the virtual space throughout the Diversity Abroad Conference. This is a great way to network and engage in important conversations that will enhance the virtual experience at the 2020 Diversity Abroad Conference. Lagniappe Chats are open to all conference registrants and do not require pre-selection to join.


Lagniappe Chat Conversation Areas

Note: These are broad topic areas that pertain to general areas of affinity and interest. Conversations may broadly address topics related to the International Education profession, student support, etc. Ethnically/Racially Diverse

Ethnically/Racially Diverse
First Generation to College/ High Financial Need
Religious Diversity
Access for Disabilities
International Student/Services
Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI’s)
Provider Organizations


Lagniappe Chat Schedule
  • Monday, August 3 at 1:30-2:30pm Central Time
  • Tuesday, August 4 at 2:00-2:45pm Central Time
  • Wednesday, August 5 at 1:30-2:15pm Central Time
  • Thursday, August 6 at 1:45-2:45pm Central Time


If you are interested in being considered for a role as Lagniappe Chat Group facilitator please complete the form below. The deadline to apply is July 20, 2020.