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Travel Grants

Travel Grants

There are travel grants available for the 2020 Diversity Abroad Conference

Diversity Abroad is pleased to offer the following travel grants to encourage participants from different departments at a single institution/organization to attend the 8th Annual Diversity Abroad Conference. By attending the conference together, participants will be able to further strengthen their on-campus collaboration. An example might be a representative from a Study Abroad Office and a representative from Multicultural Affairs Office.

Travel grants range from $200 – $400 per institution/organization for a team of 2 or more attendees from 2 different offices from one organization/institution.


A Travel Grant Request will only be considered once all team members have registered for the 8th Diversity Abroad Annual Conference.


The deadline for travel grants is December 20, 2019. Notifications will be made within two weeks and payments will be made by January 24. 2020.