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Travel Grants

Travel Grants

There are travel grants available for the 2023 Global Inclusion Conference

Diversity Abroad is pleased to offer the following travel grants to encourage participants from different departments at a single institution/organization to attend the 11th annual Global Inclusion Conference. By attending the conference with colleagues from your institution/organization, participants will be able to further strengthen their collaborations. 

Travel grants will be awarded in the amount of $250 for a team of two individuals from the same organization/institution or $500 for teams of three or more individuals from one organization/institution. Depending on the type of grant being requested these teams may be composed of individuals from the same or different departments within a single organization/institution.

Travel grants may be requested in the in the following categories:

Financial Need-Based Travel Grant

This grant is awarded to teams of two or more attendees from the same institution/organization who demonstrate that finances prevents their ability to attend the conference. Team members may be from the same or different department within a single institution/organization.

Cross-Campus Collaboration Travel Grant

This grant is awarded to teams of two or more attendees from the same institution/organization but from DIFFERENT departments and demonstrate that conference attendance will help fortify intra-organizational collaboration.

An example might be a representative from a Study Abroad Office and a representative from Multicultural Affairs Office.


A Travel Grant Request will only be considered if all of the following requirements are met:

  1. Be part of a team of two or more conference attendees from the same institution or organization
  2. Travel grant requests will only be considered after a 2023 Global Inclusion Conference Early Bird Full Access Pass has been purchased for each team member. 
  3. A statement of  100 – 200 words from the team leader describing why this team is in need of a travel grant and what they hope to gain from 2023 Global Inclusion Conference


The deadline for travel grants is August 15, 2023.   Notifications will be made by September 1, 2023. Grant payments will be awarded in the form of a rebate check after the conclusion of the 2023 Global Inclusion Conference.