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Collegial Connections


The Collegial Connections program is a short-term opportunity designed to facilitate engagement between experienced professionals with 6+ years of professional experience and graduate students/new professionals during the Global Inclusion Conference. Prior to the conference, Diversity Abroad will provide suggestions for connecting before to the annual event as well as onsite. Depending on the number of connection requests, the experienced professional may be asked to be paired with multiple graduate students/new professionals.


  • Connect professionals with 6+ years of experience and students/new professionals
  • Aide in navigating the conference and network of professionals on site for students/new professionals (in particular first-time attendees)
  • Increase networking and cross-generational interactions amongst colleagues and students
  • Allow veteran conference attendees an opportunity to give back in a meaningful way with short-term commitment


Collaborative Growth Partner A

  • Student or new professional with less than 5 years of experience in the field
  • first-time attendee or presenter at the Global Inclusion Conference
  • Committed to engaging with a professional with 6+ years experience in the field in a short-term mentorship.
  • Committed to adhering to the Global Inclusion Conference community agreement.

Collaborative Growth Partner B

  • Individuals with 6+ years experience in the field.
  • Committed to engaging with a first-time conference attendee and/or new professional in a short-term mentorship
  • Committed to adhering to the Global Inclusion Conference community agreement.


Diversity Abroad will make the connections via the Global Inclusion Conference registration process. During the  conference registration process, interested individuals can indicate their willingness to participate in the Collegial Connections program. In the weeks leading up to the conference, Diversity Abroad will begin matching senior and junior connections taking care to match individuals with similar trajectories in order to maximize the experience.

It is encouraged that once Diversity Abroad communicates the connection pairs, that the individuals reach out to each other prior to the conference at least once to make plans for connecting during the conference. Communications will be sent to individuals participating in the program outlining who their connection is and tips on how to facilitate a productive connection. While Diversity Abroad’s involvement is limited to initiating the connection, we hope that  participants are encouraged to forge a lasting professional connection should their interests align.

Are you interested in participating as a Collaborative Growth Partner in the Collegial Connections Program? Register for the Global Inclusion Conference by August 15 and be sure to indicate your interest in the appropriate field during the registration process.