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Pre-Conference Workshops

From Program Design to Reentry Preparation: Inclusive On-Site Practices

This interactive pre-conference workshop is designed specifically for education abroad program staff, on-site staff, faculty, instructors, and curriculum/design professionals. It aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to create and implement inclusive on-site practices throughout the entire education abroad experience. From program design to reentry preparation, this workshop will explore strategies to enhance inclusivity, foster cultural competency, and support diverse student populations. Participants will engage in collaborative discussions, case studies, and practical exercises to develop a comprehensive understanding of inclusive practices and their impact on student learning and development.

Disruptive Leadership and the Evolution of Belonging

Today, there is growing support for each person to come to work authentically, for understanding how one’s values impact their approach to their work, and for the creation of belonging in professional spaces. Our workshop will explore how disruptive leadership can be applied to create belonging, value-oriented, informed action for our staff, students, and programming in global education.

This session will take a non-traditional approach to a panel by creating an interactive space where panelists and participants can share their views on various topics and approaches to creating belonging through storytelling in global education. Each presenter will take turns in the “hot seat” and share responses to questions from the panel and participants. During this time, each presenter will share their unique approach to storytelling. At the end of each presentation, the other panelists and attendees will be invited to engage in small group activities to further the conversations around each topic, then share their findings with the larger group. The workshop will conclude with presenters providing their recommendations and action steps that participants can use moving forward.

Globalizing Your Practice & Career: Strategies for Integrating Global Perspectives & Frameworks to Amplify Your Impact

Join us for an engaging and forward-thinking session where participants will explore the cutting-edge developments in education and the future workplace, poised to revolutionize how we teach, learn, and work. Emphasizing the impact of technology, globalization, global challenges, and global leadership, we’ll delve into strategies for seamlessly integrating global perspectives and frameworks into DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) practices. Learn from scholars and global leaders who have successfully implemented global perspectives in their work, and collaborate with fellow attendees to identify effective techniques. Walk away equipped with a personalized “micro plan” outlining your next steps to embrace and incorporate global frameworks into your career, DEIB practice, and student interactions.

Pre-Conference Workshop Registration

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