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The Global Student Leadership Summit is an opportunity for Diversity Abroad to support of diverse alumni of international programs. In its 3rd year, the 2017 Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) will attract dozens of diverse and underrepresented students who have studied, interned, volunteered or worked abroad to focus on the skills essential to being a successful leader in a diverse and global society. Students will participate in hands-on student leadership sessions, engage in critical dialogue, establish and maintain relationships with like-minded student leaders, and connect with professionals from higher education, the public and private sector. Participation in GSLS will helps students leader development and strengthen important skills such as: self-awareness, communication, team building, embracing diversity & difference and more.

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March 19

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Estimated travel costs include flight/car to Minneapolis, MN, single or double occupancy at the conference hotel, and meals not included in conference registration fee. Students are encouraged to coordinate with their study abroad/education abroad office to participate in the GSLS. A limited number of travel stipends will be available.


Students and nominating offices are responsible for confirming lodging at the Commons Hotel. Students interested in sharing a room can indicate this on the registration form and relevant contact details will be added to a list shared with other interested students; however, students are responsible for communicating with potential roommates, reserving the room, and managing payment.

Registering a Student

Universities and study abroad program providers are encouraged to register promising students to attend the Global Student Leadership Summit. Nominating organizations are responsible for the registration fees of their nominated students, and are encouraged to confirm the student’s ability to participate prior to completing the online form. Registration Fees are as follows:

Early Bird (10/5 – 1/27)
Members: $199
Non-members: $249

Regular (1/28 – 2/20)
Members: $224
Non-members: $274

Late (2/21 – )
Members: $249
Non-members: $299

To register a student, please submit this online form. As the nominator, please enter your email address to initiate the process. Please reference the required registration materials — including an essay & resume from the student — prior to submitting the form. NOTE: Student nominations act as conference registrations & will be automatically approved. Please only register students confirmed to attend the Global Student Leadership Summit. Evening receptions, lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday, and coffee breaks are included in the student nomination.

location and hotel

Commons Hotel
615 Washington Ave SE,
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 379-8888

Travel & Parking Details


Please contact us with any conference-related questions or comments at or 510-982-0635 ext 704.

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