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Global Student Leadership Summit


The Global Student Leadership Summit is an opportunity for emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds participate in professional development workshops to enhance their career readiness by learning how to articulate and leverage their international experience for career and graduate opportunities. Students will share their international experiences with education abroad and diversity professionals in attendance at the conference and discover new career possibilities that would benefit from their global experiences through sponsored panels and information sessions. At the same time, GSLS participants will develop awareness of diversity and inclusion especially as it relates to leadership in a global society and consider solutions to global issues through workshops and case studies. Through networking and community-building activities, students will experience meaningful interactions with student leaders from a variety of different colleges and universities.


  • Empower student leaders with the skills necessary to make an impact on their campuses and in their career
  • Enrich student understanding of international experience through critical reflection and structured engagement on topics such as identity, social justice, inclusion and access, and leadership
  • Encourage students to network with other student leaders and professionals and explore ways to apply their international experience to various career, post-graduate, and academic opportunities
  • Energize students to harness their global experiences to make real change on their campus, in their communities and in the world


Institutions are particularly encouraged to register students from the following student populations: First-generation, Racial/ethnic minority, With disabilities, High financial need, and LGBTQI+. While students are not required to submit separate materials to “apply” to the GSLS, we do ask that nominating institutions identify students who:

  • Recently studied abroad (summer 2016 or later)
  • Exhibit exceptional leadership potential
  • Are engaged in the campus community
  • Are able to speak thoughtfully about their experience abroad
  • Representatives from public and private agencies and organizations who have an interest in internationalizing Minority Serving Institutions
  • Will be able to engage in and contribute to the sessions and discussions throughout the GSLS
  • Are likely to utilize what they’ve gained from the Summit and share with the campus community upon their return
  • Have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher


Instructions for Nominating Students

To register a student, please submit the nomination by clicking on the “Nominate A Student” link below. As the nominating institution or provider, please enter your email address as the “Registrant” in order receive administrative updates from the Diversity Abroad Conference organizers. Please reference the required registration materials — including an essay & resume from the student — prior to submitting the form. See below for registration fees.


NOTE: Students who are nominated will automatically be registered for the conference. Registration fees include evening receptions, lunch on Monday and Tuesday, and coffee breaks. As a nominating institution or provider, you assume responsibility for covering and/or assisting nominated students with associated participation costs, including registration, travel, accommodation, and additional meals. You are encouraged to confirm the student’s ability to participate prior to completing the online form.


Universities and study abroad program providers may register up to 3 promising students (during the Early Bird period) to attend the Global Student Leadership Summit. If space is still available, additional students may be registered during the regular registration period.

Global Student Leadership Summit Registration Fees

EARLY BIRD (Oct. 9 – Feb. 2)

  • Diversity Network Member: $249
  • Non-member: $299
REGULAR (Feb. 3 – Mar. 2)

  • Diversity Network Member: $274
  • Non-member: $324
LATE (Mar. 3 –)

  • Diversity Network Member: $299
  • Non-member: $349

Global Student Leadership Planning Committee

Kiara Brown
Kiara Brown
Ohio State University

Garce, Joanne - Color 1
Joanne Garce-Rodriguez
New York University

Hubbard Center
Neal McKinney
DePauw University

Chelsea Kindred
API Study Abroad

Suzy Gomez
Susy Gomez
Florida International University