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General Questions

What is Diversity Abroad’s approach to choosing the location for the Global Inclusion Conference?

As a social impact organization dedicated to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the global education and cultural exchange field, we design our annual conference and other events with intentionality, including the process of identifying a location. With partners across the United States and abroad, from big metropolitan cities to rural and suburban areas, we aim to move the conference and events around, to the extent possible, to ensure professionals and students in different cities and states are able to learn and participate in live Diversity Abroad events. Our goal is to bring the diversity and energy of the Diversity Abroad community to a variety of locations, support the growth and success of our growing and diverse community of students and professionals including those who reside in cities or states that may have laws/or general climate are not as inclusive as other locations.


How does Diversity Abroad engage the local community?

We are committed to supporting the economic diversity in the cities where we host events. To that end we strive to work with minority and/or women owned businesses for services related to our events, such as photography, printing, event supplies, and off-site functions that allow participants to engage with the local community. 

We also engage in dialogue and discussion on topics of diversity, equity and inclusion relevant to the regional context and invite local leaders and institutions/organizations focused on supporting student success and college access to participate in the conference.


What are the health and safety guidelines?

The health and safety of our community is a priority for Diversity Abroad. Please see our Health & Safety Information and Resources Page for more information.