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GSLS 2023

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The Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS)

The Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) is the premier student leadership conference that prepares participants with inclusive leadership skills and global competencies so that they can thrive in their communities and on globally diverse campuses and work teams. This will be the 8th annual GSLS, which attracts dozens of students from colleges and universities nationwide with a simple goal: to develop the skills essential to being a successful and inclusive leader in a global society.

This year’s GSLS will be held in-person in conjunction with the Global Inclusion Conference in Chicago, IL from November 1-3, 2023. Students will participate in leadership sessions, engage in critical dialogue centered on self-reflection and identity, establish and maintain relationships with like-minded student leaders, and connect with professionals from higher education, the public sphere, and private sector. Participation in the GSLS will strengthen students’ leadership skills and develop global competencies including self-awareness, communication, team building, embracing diversity and difference, and more.


The 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit is an immersive opportunity for emerging leaders from all backgrounds to participate in professional development workshops to enhance their career readiness by learning how to articulate and leverage their international experience for career and graduate opportunities. Students will share their global learning experiences with education abroad and diversity professionals in attendance at the conference and discover new career possibilities that would benefit from their global experiences through sponsored panels and information sessions. At the same time, GSLS participants will develop awareness of diversity and inclusion especially as it relates to leadership in a global society and consider solutions to global issues through workshops and case studies. Through networking and community-building activities, students will experience meaningful interactions with student leaders from a variety of different colleges and universities.


  • Empower student leaders to realize the skills necessary to make an impact on their campuses and in their career.
  • Enrich student understanding of international experience through critical reflection and structured engagement on topics such as identity, social justice, inclusion and access, and leadership
  • Encourage students to network with other student leaders and professionals and explore ways to apply their international experience to various career, post-graduate, and academic opportunities
  • Energize students to harness their global experiences to make real change on their campus, in their communities and in the world


Registration for the 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit will open in May 2023. Institutions are able to nominate and purchase registrations for their students and students are welcome to purchase their own full access registration independent of an institution. Registration fees differ for participants from a member or non-member institution (see table below). If you are unsure if your institution is a Diversity Abroad member, please contact us or check out a list of our members here. Please note that accommodation and travel costs is not included in registration fees and participants will be responsible for their own costs.

Participants may take advantage of the special nightly rate at the Palmer House a Hilton Hotel by booking through our booking link.

Full Access Pass

If you know that 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS 23) is an event that you won’t be missing or you are certain you will be sending students to GSLS 23 secure your full access pass now! Pay the registration in full and rest easy knowing that your student will be maximizing their leadership skills at GSLS 23 in Chicago!

Full Access Pass Deposit*

Unsure if you will be able to attend or of which student you would like to send to the 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS 23) ? No problem! Lock in the current registration rate by paying a $50 deposit. For example, if you pay a deposit by July 14, 2023 you will be locked into the Early Bird rate. Similarly if you pay your deposit between July 15 – September 28, 2023  you will be locked into the Regular Registration rate. You will have until October 11, 2023 to submit your registrant details and pay the remaining balance.

*This is a non-refundable deposit.

If you have any questions or concerns about conference registration, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • MAY - JULY 14
  • Members: $100
  • Non-members: $150
  • Deposit* $50
  • *Balance due by October 13

  • JULY 15 - SEPT 28
  • Members: $150
  • Non-members: $200
  • Deposit* $50
  • *Balance due by October 13

  • SEPT 29 - OCT 31
  • Members: $200
  • Non-members: $250