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12:00–5:00pmRegistration Open
1:00–4:00pmDiversity Abroad Advisory Council Meeting (Closed)

7:00–5:30pmRegistration Open
9:00am–12:00pmPre-Conference Workshops (pre-registration required)
1:15–3:15pmDeep Dive Sessions
1:00–4:30pm CAPA Symposium - Empires of the Mind? (Post)colonialism and Decolonizing Education Abroad (pre-registration required)
3:30–4:30pmNewcomers Orientation
3:30–4:30pm State of Diversity Abroad: Updates & Engagement Opportunities
3:45–4:45pm Internationalize Your Education & Future for Local High School Students (Closed)
3:00–5:00pm Exhibitor Fair
5:00–6:45pm Welcome & Innovation Competition
7:15–9:00pmOpening Reception

7:30–4:30pm Registration Open
7:30–8:30amTask Force Meetings (Closed)
8:45–10:00amConcurrent Sessions
10:00–10:45amExhibitor Fair & Refreshment Break
10:45–12:00pmConcurrent Sessions
12:00–1:30pmLunch & Learns (pre-registration required)
1:45–2:10pm Big Idea Talks
2:15–3:30pm Poster Community
4:30–5:30pm Reception
5:30–7:30pm Awards Gala & Dinner

7:00–12:00pmRegistration Open
7:45–9:00amBreakfast Table Conversations & Gilman Top Producer Announcement
9:00–10:00am Plenary Session
10:00–10:30amExhibitor Fair & Refreshment Break
10:30–11:30amConcurrent Sessions
11:45–12:45pmConcurrent Sessions
12:45–2:15pmLunch & Student Panel
2:30–3:45pmAction Planning Breakouts
4:00–5:30pmFarewell Happy Hour (No-Host)


Concurrent Session

Concurrent sessions must involve a minimum of two and up to four presenters in the presentation. Concurrent sessions are either 60-minutes or 75-minutes sessions which will be determined by the Conference Planning Committee. Presenters are encouraged to collaborate with colleagues and professionals from different campus units/offices and/or with colleagues from other institutions for greater consideration.

Deep Dive Session

A Deep Dive session provides an opportunity for the presenter(s) to involve participants in interaction through hands-on activities and discussions. Deep Dive sessions are 120 minutes, including breaks and time for action planning. Deep Dive session submissions are expected to include a chair and have no more than three (3) additional presenters.

Poster Community

The Poster Community is intended to encourage conference attendees to explore emerging themes in global education, diversity, and inclusion through interactive dialogue and visual representations (infographics, pictures, graphs, etc.). Proposals may encompass a broad range of topics such as: Multicultural Student Experiences. Promising Practices/Case Studies, and research. Presenters will present their work concurrently during a 75-minute interactive session.

Big Ideas Talks

Big Idea Talks are brief, 10-minute presentations that allow conference attendees to hear innovative ideas from experts in the field. Big Idea Talk submissions are expected to have no more than two (2) presenters. These sessions will include a moderator (provided by Diversity Abroad) who will facilitate 15 minutes of Q & A to address audience questions (25 minutes total).

Schedule details coming soon

Schedule details coming soon