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12:00–5:00pmRegistration Open
12:00–3:00pmDiversity Abroad Advisory Council Meeting (Closed)
3:00-6:00pmCareer Integration - hosted by University of Minnesota (pre-registration required)
4:00-8:30pmWelcome for Strategic Leadership Forum
4:00-8:30pmWelcome for Community College Global Education Forum

7:00–5:30pmRegistration Open
7:30am-12:30pmCommunity College Global Education Forum
7:30am-12:45pm Strategic Leadership Forum - Inclusive Support for International Students
9:00am-12:00pmCareer Integration - hosted by University of Minnesota (pre-registration required)
9:00am-12:00pmPre-Conference Workshops (pre-registration required)
11:00am-4:00pmExhibit Hall Open
1:00pm-3:00pmDeep Dives
A Discussion: Resources and Support Surrounding Gender Identity Abroad

What questions do we need to ask ourselves and our offices to ensure that we are best supporting transgender, gender non-binary, and gender non-conforming students? This session will dive deep into complex and nuanced questions surrounding gender identity and gender expression in education abroad. Through interactive discussion and engaging activities, participants will explore topics such as advising communication materials, overseas housing placements, and international travel logistics.


Clau Castaneda - SAI Programs

Rodger Adkins - Earlham College, Center for Global and Career Education

Empowerment through StoryCrafting: Eye for Diversity

This practice-based and interactive workshop will provide professionals within international education a snapshot and a taste of an interactive session with StoryCrafting (as conducted at The Hague University, The Netherlands): an inclusive and empowering dialogical approach. It will be geared to you, as an inclusive internationalization professional, to provide you with tools and strategies to help students find their inner voice and define their leadership towards career readiness while abroad, through “identity learning” and mind-shifting, moving from a 1st to a 2nd Story, following the Transformation through Writing Model and U- theory.

Experience StoryCrafting & feel empowered!


Adela Garabal Gómez - The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Mariëtte Harlaar - The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Jenny Sullivan - Rochester Institute of Technology

Dara Levy (Student) - Rochester Institute of Technology

Too Woke To Tokenize: Re-Envisioning Marketing to Students of Color

International Education is changing and diverse student representation is increasing within marketing and other opportunities, however, IE institutions/organizations may unknowingly be contributing to a long history of tokenism. In this session, we'll explore the roots of tokenism in diversity advertising, how its impacted people of color today, and share best practices of how we can re-approach marketing to move away from tokenism and towards inclusion.


Stephen Gonzalez - University of Michigan

Christina Thompson - Barcelona SAE

Better Together? Identity-based Programs for Students Underrepresented in Study Abroad

What are some unique opportunities presented by international education programs which bring together students sharing common identities? What lessons can we draw from identity-focused programs to support students who do not choose these types of programs and vice versa? This session will explore themes of identity, community, intersectionality, and more through the lenses of two unique programs, including a CIEE Access Grant-winning program centering around Black Deaf experiences; and a cross-disability outbound leadership program.


Ashley Holben - Mobility International USA

Maegan Shanks - Gallaudet University

Lissa Stapleton - California State University Northridge

Utilizing Diversity Abroad's AIDE Roadmap to Advance Inclusion Efforts

The Diversity Abroad AIDE Roadmap is a framework for assessing diversity participation in study abroad. Presenters from Diversity Abroad and two universities will share their experiences with the Roadmap, providing Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity information, implementation strategies, and lessons learned. Participants will have an opportunity to develop individual action plans.


Holly Hudson - Texas A&M University

Kelly Brannan Trail - University of Dayton

Arielle Gousse - Diversity Abroad

Social Identity and Cultural Sensitivity: Professional Development for All

As study abroad participation diversifies, student feedback describing acts of micro-aggressions and even overt acts of prejudice and discrimination abroad is increasing. Simultaneously, overseas resident staff and US faculty leading programs are struggling to find ways to connect and support a generation that is more diverse and eager to talk about issues of social justice and privilege. This presentation will share programming and training examples of how to navigate this phenomena on education abroad programs.


Lisa Johnson - Smith College

DuBois Jennings - IFSA

Ebony Ellis - University of Michigan

Fiona Pearson - IFSA

Making Publishing Accessible: Adding Scholar to Your Practitioner Title

Diverse perspectives are missing from education abroad scholarship, and while many education abroad practitioners aren't trained researchers there is a need for their work to reach broader audiences. Especially for those working to make education abroad more accessible and inclusive, highlighting such work can ensure international educators are better equipped to support students from underrepresented backgrounds. This skills-focused session covers the basics of publication and provide space for participants to begin developing their research agendas.


Lily Lopz-McGee - Howard University

Eduardo Contreras - University of Portland

David Wick - Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Tasha Willis - California State University Los Angeles

Bridging the Gap: Diversity and Intercultural Competency in International Student Programming

How do we amplify the rhetoric of intercultural competency in one direction to all directions so to facilitate greater interaction between international/exchange students and local students? This session will discuss the relevance of intercultural competency for both domestic and international students in order to bridge the gap between local and global interactions as well as how to integrate intercultural competency into existing institutional priorities and goals.


Asabe Poloma - Brown University - Providence, RI

Gabriella Santoro - University of Connecticut

Vivian Yamoah - Towson University

Speed Advising: Appreciative Advising in Action

How deep can you really go into a student's intersecting identities in 15 minutes? Actually, pretty far with Appreciative Advising. During this engaging session we practice the art of this model. We will be preparing, taking action, giving feedback, and reflecting about this practice to implement in and out of short advising appointments. This session will be highly interactive and involve direct practice that will help you to reach that next level with your advisees.


Caroline Zeiher - Arizona State University

Abel Estrada - University of Colorado Boulder Education Abroad

2:30–4:00pm Resource Fair
3:15–4:15pm Newcomers Orientation & Reception
4:30–6:30pm Welcome & Innovation Competition
6:30–8:00pmOpening Reception

7:30–4:30pm Registration Open
7:30–8:30amTask Force Meetings (Closed)
8:00am-4:00pmExhibit Hall Open
8:00–8:30amCoffee with Exhibitors
8:30-9:45amConcurrent Sessions Block #1
9:45-10:30amExhibitor Fair with Refreshments
10:30-11:30amConcurrent Sessions Block #2
11:45am-1:15pmLunch & Learns
2:30-3:45pmConcurrent Sessions Block #3
5:30-7:15pmAwards Gala & Dinner
7:30-9:00pmFounders Reception (closed event)

7:00am–12:00pmRegistration Open
7:45–9:00amBreakfast Table Conversations & Gilman Top Producer Announcement
9:00–10:00am Poster Session, Exhibitor Fair & Refreshment Break
10:15–11:15amConcurrent Session Block #4
11:30am-12:45pmConcurrent Session Block #5
12:45–2:15pmLunch & Plenary
2:30–3:45pmConcurrent Session Block #6/ Action Planning Sessions
4:00–5:30pmFarewell Happy Hour (No-Host)

12:00 - 5:00pmRegistration Open
4:00 - 8:30pmWelcome Dinner

7:00am–5:30pmRegistration Open
7:30am-12:45pmStrategic Leadership Forum - Inclusive Support for International Students

12:00 - 5:00pmRegistration Open
4:00 - 6:15pmWelcome & Keynote Speaker
6:30 - 8:00pmWelcome reception, hosted in conjunction with MSI Fireside chat and Career Integration

7:30–8:25amBreakfast & Table Discussions
8:30-9:30amSession #1
9:30-10:30amSession #2
10:45am-12:00pmSession #3
12:00-12:30pmDebrief & Closing

12:00-5:00pmRegistration Open
4:00-5:30pmPre-Conference Kick-off: How to Navigate GSLS and DAC
5:30-6:30pmKeynote Address
6:30-8:00pmGSLS Reception & Group Photo

7:30am-12:00pmRegistration Open
9:00-9:15amBrief Opening Remarks
9:15-10:15amSession Block #1
10:30am-12:30pmSession Block #2
12:30-1:30pmLunch (on your own)
1:30-2:30pmSession Block #3
2:30-3:30pmSession Block #4
3:30-4:30pmBreak/Recharge & Exhibitor Resource Fair
4:30-6:30pmWelcome & Innovation Competition
6:30-8:30pmOpening Reception

8:00am-4:00pmExhibit Hall Open
8:00-9:00amOptional: Resume Review Power Hour
9:15-10:30amSession Block #5
10:30-11:45amSession Block #6
11:45am - 1:15pmLunch (on your own)
1:20 - 2:20pmPlenary
2:30 - 3:00pm Break
3:00 - 5:15pmGSLS Career Event
5:30-7:30pmAwards Gala & Dinner

7:45-9:00amBreakfast Table Conversations & Gilman Top Producer Announcement
9:00am- 10:00amPoster Session + Exhbitor Fair + Light Refreshments
10:15am - 11:15amSession Block #7
11: 30am - 12:30pmSession Block #8
12:45pm - 2:15pmLunch + Plenary (professionals)
2:30 - 3:45 pmSession Block #9


Concurrent Session

Concurrent sessions must involve a minimum of two and up to four presenters in the presentation. Concurrent sessions are either 60-minutes or 75-minutes sessions which will be determined by the Conference Planning Committee. Presenters are encouraged to collaborate with colleagues and professionals from different campus units/offices and/or with colleagues from other institutions, both U.S. and non-U.S., for greater consideration.

Deep Dive Session

A Deep Dive session provides an opportunity for the presenter(s) to involve participants in interaction through hands-on activities and discussions. Deep Dive sessions are 120 minutes, including breaks and time for action planning. Deep Dive session submissions are expected to include a chair and have no more than three (3) additional presenters.

Poster Community

The Poster Community is intended to encourage conference attendees to explore emerging themes in global education, diversity, and inclusion through interactive dialogue and visual representations (infographics, pictures, graphs, etc.). Proposals may encompass a broad range of topics such as: Multicultural Student Experiences, Promising Practices/Case Studies, and research. Presenters will present their work concurrently during a 60-minute interactive session.

Critical Issues

Critical Issues will involve multiple 10-12 minute presentations related to one of the overarching themes. Accepted presentations will be assigned to a moderated Critical Issues Session (50 minutes total). Moderators (identified by Diversity Abroad) will facilitate 15 minutes of Q & A to address audience questions after all 3 presentations are finished. Presenters must develop a tool/reading list/resource/framework that can be shared with the attendees. For example, a session focused on inclusive hiring may include a sample interview rubric to mitigate bias.

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